Fluid Xchange


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(Fluid is the word I use to describe my sexuality and my sexual relationships- an ever moving and building manipulatable substance of likes and dislikes. It’s also that warm stringy stuff that makes blow jobs so awesome.)
Fluid Xchange is a podcast designed to give a voice and a safe place for people with fetishes and questions about them. I will be interviewing people who live “normal” lives with abnormal desires as well as experts and professionals.
Fluid Xchange is scheduled to launch its first episode Friday March 8th. A new episode focused on a new fetish will be released every two weeks after that.
I am going to need a lot of help and support to get this off the ground. Above is a link to donate to this project.
Why this message is important:
The general public hears about fetishes two different ways:
*They see it work in porn- fun, but fictional, depictions of “healthy” sex acts.
Its like learning what you know about self-defense from WWE wrestling.
*They see it not work or be negatively judged in the media. You can find lists for the most disgusting fetishes, read headlines about death from auto-erotic asphyxiation, and see “philia” thrown around only when someone is arrested for it (Pedophilia, Necrophilia, Kleptophilia , etc.)
So I believe it’s time for a real voice on fetish, free of judgment, for the purpose of knowledge and curiosity. Bring that voice to life on Fluid Xchange.
Anyone can look up “fetish” or “paraphilia” and find a definition or a list. But what’s the difference between a true fetish and a paraphilia? What does it mean to embrace this aspect of yourself? Does it effect the whole of who you are or just your sex life and sexuality? I dare to ask and answer these questions and many more.
Ever wonder how someone gets into trampling, farts, or asphyxiation?
Think something you like is weird? Maybe its not as weird as you thought.
Do you like something that seems odd and need a safe FREE place to talk about it?
For most of you I don’t have to explain the need for a pro-fetish, sex-positive voice on the air. But I should explain that it is a message very close to my heart. Society needs to finally own its wacky sexuality and get over itself. The harm we are doing to ourselves by rejecting this huge integral part of who we are has done enough damage. Its time to combat negativity with truth, and fear with raw sexuality!